The Radiology Department, apart from ultrasound diagnostics, performs free mammography as part of the Breast Cancer Prevention Program. Women aged 50 to 69 can register. The examination does not require a referral.



Services provided by the department include ultrasound diagnostics: 

 Conventional radiology diagnostics - X-ray pictures 

 Conventional radiology diagnostics - X-ray pictures 

 Ultrasound diagnosis:

  abdominal organs,

 thyroid gland,




 superficial soft tissues,

 joint examination,

 vascular examination by ultrasound - Doppler;


 Specialized radiological diagnostics: 


 fictional cystourethrography 


 Digital mammography with tomosynthesis 

 Multi-row spiral computed tomography

 Fine and fine needle biopsy 

 Magnetic resonance imaging.



Each patient who is referred for the examination reports to the Radiology Department registration. Registration of the Radiology Department is open from Monday to Friday, 7.00 - 19.30.

 X-rays are taken on an ongoing basis, on the day the patient comes with the referral, other tests - ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, mammography, require the appointment of the date and time of the planned examination.

 On the agreed date, the patient, with a document confirming their identity, reports to the Radiology Department registration in order to complete the medical documentation, and then is directed to the appropriate laboratory.

 All X-ray examinations (x-rays, computed tomography, mammography) require a referral from a doctor.

 Paid tests are performed on working days, according to the price list in force at the Specialist Hospital.

 X-ray images, commissioned by external entities, are made from Monday to Friday from 7:00  - 18:30

 In order to buy a film or a CD, the patient reports to the Radiology Department.

 The patient or a person who has a written authorization issued by the patient in the registration of the Radiology Department, or, in the case of hospital patients - a person authorized in the history of the disease to collect medical documentation, may come to collect the test results (including the purchase of a CD and film).

 It is possible to send the results by post if the patient reports such a need in writing.

 Persons who do not meet the above-mentioned rules may submit an application for access to medical documentation at the Care Coordination Department (room D3 from 7:30 to 15:05).

 Preparation for magnetic resonance imaging: On the day of the examination, please report to the Radiology Department with the following documents:

ID card 

The patient's consent to the intravenous administration of a contrast agent during the examination. 

 The completed survey questionnaire currently in force at the MR laboratory 

 Blood creatinine and GFR results - not older than 30 days 

 Copy of previous test results (MR, CT, USG), information cards from hospital stays. 


 The patient should wear cotton clothes without decorations, remove jewelry.

 The patient must be fasting 4 hours before the examination.

 Please report to the examination 20 minutes before the scheduled time, if possible with an accompanying person. Contact phone number: 67 2106 60  67 2106 607 or 67 2106 40 67 2106 407.

Preparation of the patient for ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity, X-ray of the L-S spine and sacroiliac joints: The most important obstacle in the correct assessment of the abdominal organs, the lumbar spine and sacroiliac joints is the retention of food and gas in the stomach, duodenum and intestines.

 Unless your doctor tells you otherwise:

 The test should be performed on an empty stomach. 

 you must not eat anything at least 6 hours before the examination, it is allowed to drink still water in small portions, trying to avoid excessive swallowing of air, 

 do not chew gum or smoke cigarettes, 

 patients taking medications - they should take their medications as prescribed by their doctor, washing them down with still water, but not later than 1 hour before the examination, 

 in the afternoon / evening hours before the examination, avoid gas stimulating food and liquids, fizzy drinks, yoghurt, etc. 

 patients with a tendency to flatulence - in addition to the above-mentioned recommendations, they should follow an easily digestible diet two days before the examination, 

 on the day preceding the examination, and on the morning of the examination, take SimetiGast Forte, Espumisan, or another degassing agent - available at a pharmacy without a prescription.


 Preparation for an abdominal ultrasound examination in children: 

 newborns and infants - do not feed or drink for 1-1.5 hours before the examination, in order to assess the pylorus, please bring a bottle of milk or another drink with you; 

 children from 1 to 5 years of age - the test should be performed at least 2 hours after the last meal, do not give any drink to the child immediately before the test; 

 older children (over 5 years of age) - the test should be performed approximately 4 hours after the last meal; 

 adolescents (from 15 years of age) the test should be performed approximately 6 hours after the last meal; 

 children with a tendency to flatulence - if necessary, give Espumisan - as prescribed by the doctor. 


   Preparation for mammography: Menstruating women should choose the time between the 5th and 12th day of the cycle for the examination. Postmenopausal women can come to the examination at any time they choose. On the day of the examination, you should not use deodorants, creams, lotions, dusting powders and other cosmetics with talc in the breast and armpits, as they may affect the image of the breast and make it difficult for the doctor to assess it.

 Ladies who have previously had a mammogram should bring photos or a CD from the last examination.

Before the examination, you will have to undress from the waist up, so we suggest that you do not wear one-piece costumes on this day.

The Department of Radiology also performs paid tests: Diagnostics of conventional radiology / X-ray pictures / with radiologist's assessment by 22:00. Paid tests are performed on working days after prior appointment according to the price list in force at the Hospital.