The Transfusion Immunology Laboratory  includes the Blood Bank, of which tasks include: placing orders for blood and its components at the Regional Center of Blood Donation and Treatment, as required; collection of blood and its components; storage of blood and its components under the required conditions; dispensing blood and its components in a manner prescribed by law; performing monthly reporting.

The scope of activities of the Transfusion Immunology Laboratory  includes:

  determining the blood group ABO, RhD,

  review tests for the presence of immune antibodies to red blood cell antigens in the indirect antiglobulin test,

  testing for serological conflict between mother and fetus / newborn,

  testing qualifying for the administration of anti-D immunoglobulin as part of the prevention of serological conflict,

  other tests agreed with the Regional Center of Blood Donation and Treatment in Poznań,

  performing monthly reporting.