The Central Sterilization Room is a separate, closed unit of the Hospital. The location of the department enables convenient connection with the operating theater by two elevators - dirty and sterile, and easy access for all organizational units of the hospital and external service providers.

It is equipped with modern devices enabling disinfection and sterilization of equipment, apparatus, surgical instruments, dressing materials and other items requiring sterilization.

We carry out sterilization using the following methods: steam under pressure in the range of two temperatures: 121 ° C, 134 ° C and low-temperature sterilization with ethylene oxide (temperature 55 ° C, 37 ° C).

Activities in the Central Sterilization Room are performed under the supervision of experienced and professional personnel, with the use of professional packaging and high-class disinfection and sterilization devices, and with full monitoring of disinfection and sterilization processes.

Sterilization processes are covered by a monitoring system using chemical and biological tests, charge control, package control and device control.

There are three separate zones in the Central Sterilization Unit:

  dirty zone where cleaning and disinfection processes take place,

  clean zone, where sets of tools, underwear and dressings for surgical procedures are completed, 

 sterile zone, equipped with overpressure ventilation and hepa filters, from which the sterile material is distributed.


  • pass-through washes with loading trolleys for surgical instruments, anesthetic equipment, medical equipment, endoscopes,

    ultrasonic  wash,

    tool washing and drying station,

    autoclaves for sterilization with steam under pressure with a capacity of 8 STE,

    steam-formaldehyde sterilizer (autoclave) with a capacity of 8 STE,

    low temperature ethylene oxide sterilizer,

    indoor ethylene oxide concentration recorder to ensure work safety for personnel,

    abator - an incinerator of ethylene oxide remaining after the sterilization process with ethylene oxide.


  • outdoors: for private doctor's offices, beauty salons and other units,

    basic training for employees of Central Sterilization Rooms and other personnel.