The neurosurgical department employs three specialist doctors. Medical services are provided around the clock based on 24-hour access to full diagnostics in the field of analytical and microbiological laboratories, x-ray diagnostics (X-ray, computer tomograph, magnetic resonance imaging), ultrasound, endoscopy and cardiology laboratories. The department has an intraoperative X-ray device and an operating microscope.


The services provided by the department include in particular diagnostics and treatment of:


 lumbar and cervical discopathies, tumors of the spinal canal and spine,

 whole spine implantology in: fractures, spondylolisthesis, degenerative deformities (decompression and stabilization),

 cervical disc prostheses,

 discoidectomies using a microscope,

 percutaneous stiffening of shaft fractures - vertebroplasty,



 Heads and brains: 

 craniocerebral injuries,

 neurooncology (primary and metastatic brain tumors),

 valve surgery of the ventricular system - hydrocephalus,




 Peripheral nerves: 

 carpal tunnel syndromes,

 microsurgical reconstruction of nerves with cable transplants,

 shoulder plexus revisions.


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