The Children's Ward has 28 beds and accepts patients up to 18 years of age in an urgent and scheduled mode with a referral, and in an emergency mode who come to the hospital without a referral together with a guardian or through the HED, e.g. after being handed over by a medical rescue team. In addition, the ward doctors provide consultations to other hospital departments.

 One guardian has the right to stay with the child in the ward according to the hotel rules.

 The department also conducts specialization training, internships for doctors and internships for students.

 To arrange an appointment, please contact the head of the department: 67 2106 640 67 2106 644


The services provided by the department include in particular diagnostics and treatment of:

  bronchial asthma,

 chronic lung and bronchial diseases,

 allergic diseases,

 cardiovascular diseases,

 hematological and endocrine diseases,

 gastrointestinal diseases,

 parasitic diseases,

 neurological diseases,

 urinary tract diseases


The admission procedure and the date of hospitalization are determined by the Ward's doctors after presenting the received referral (or e-referral number), necessary personal data, obtaining a medical history and, if necessary, a personal examination of the patient.

 In order to establish the dates of scheduled admissions, please report on working days during normal working hours of the department, ie 8.00-15.00. In exceptional situations, if possible, the date of admission may be determined by the doctor on duty during the duty (on working days from 15.00-08.00 and on non-working days).

 The guardian who receives the date of planned hospitalization for the child receives an appropriate certificate of the date of admission.

 ATTENTION - please confirm the date of the planned hospitalization 1-2 days before the planned reception, 67 2106 644 

 Urgent and emergency admissions are held around the clock.

 Scheduled admissions take place in accordance with the previously appointed date of hospitalization. The date of scheduled admission may change in exceptional circumstances, i.e. in the event of the inability to carry out the planned diagnostics within the originally set date or at the request of the child's guardian.

 At the admission, the legal guardian of the child must be present or, if this is not possible, the actual guardian or a person authorized to care for the child, presenting an appropriate certificate. At the admission, it is recommended that the guardian has the patient's medical records and the child's health book. 

 Visits of patients taking place in accordance with the hospital regulations, the right to visit may be temporarily limited, e.g. for epidemiological reasons, in accordance with applicable regulations and internal regulations.

 Admissions take place in accordance with applicable regulations, doctors do not give an opinion on the validity of issued referrals to the hospital, do not consult the results of tests ordered on an outpatient basis (except for consultations ordered from other hospital units or the assessment of indications for hospitalization in a patient who reports to the hospital without a referral).

Information on the health of patients hospitalized in the Ward is provided by the attending physician or the head of the department only to the legal guardian or a person authorized to obtain information on the patient's health during working hours, ie 8.00-15.00. We recommend contacting to obtain the information within hours 12-14, i.e. after the end of patient visits. The doctor on duty provides information only about the patients admitted during the duty and the condition of patients requiring intervention during the duty.