The pharmacy provides pharmaceutical services based on the applicable Pharmaceutical Law, the guidelines of the Pharmaceutical Inspection, directives and resolutions of the European Union structures, Quality standards in oncology pharmacy, Polish Pharmacopoeia XII, procedures and instructions developed in the pharmacy and the Hospital Recipe.

The Hospital Pharmacy supplies medicinal products and medical devices to hospital departments, laboratories, clinics and other medical organizational units of the Hospital. The pharmacy is open from Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 15:05.


The tasks of the Pharmacy include in particular: 

 issuing, receiving, recording medicinal products and medical devices;

 preparation of prescription drugs - classic recipe;

 providing information on drugs and medical devices;

 preparation of individual doses of cytotoxic drugs;

 supplying and dispensing of biological drugs for drug programs in rheumatology, neurology, nephrology, ophthalmology, oncology;

 verifying of the authenticity of medicinal products in accordance with Directive 2011/62 / EU of the European Parliament (false directive);

 sending reports to the National Organization for the Authenticity of Medicines;

 monitoring, reporting adverse drug reactions and medical incidents;

 monitoring of withdrawing and stopping messages issued by the Main Pharmaceutical Inspector;

 monitoring of safety messages issued by the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products and Biocidal Materials;

 creating and updating Hospital Formulas;

 creating and updating general hospital procedures and pharmacy instructions;

 cooperating with manufacturers, importers, pharmaceutical and medical wholesalers in order to ensure continuity of supplies;

 monitoring the correctness of the implementation of contracts concluded with suppliers of medicinal products and medical devices;

 importing medicinal products via the Destination Import;

 controlling departmental first aid kits ;

 cooperating with the organizational units of the Hospital in the field of rational drug management;

 preparing of tender specifications;

 conducting summer internships for students of the fourth year of Pharmacy and internships as part of a six-month internship for pharmacy masters, as well as training pharmaceutical technicians;


 The Pharmacy Manager takes part in the committees established in the hospital, e.g. the Pharmacotherapy Committee,  the Infection Control Committee,  Antibiotic Therapy;

The manager of the pharmacy took an active part in the preparation of the hospital for accreditation in 2022.