The Pathomorphology Department  is open on working days from 7:30 to 15:05. Tests are accepted between 8:30 and 13:30. Collection of the results in person by the Contractor or to be sent by post by the Hospital's Chancellery.


Tests performed in the Pathomorphology Department  A: Histopathological: 1) surgical materials. 2) core needle biopsies . 3) endoscopic histopathological examination. 4) examination of materials collected during the post-mortem examination. B: Cytological: 1) examination of body cavities liquids. 2) assessment of materials from BACC. 3) exfoliative nasal cytology. 4) gynecological cytology. C: Intraoperative research. D: Autopsies (performed during the work of the Prosectorium). 1) medical, 2) forensic-medical.

The prices of the tests are available in the current price list of the Specialist Hospital in Piła.

 Duration of research - Standard mode: 1) 3-5 weeks. 2) in the case of sending tests to external diagnosticians 4-6 weeks. CITO tests: 1) performed only on the spot. 2) execution time from 3 to 7 working days depending on the type of test. Research prices under the CITO procedure: 100% higher. Consultations at a reference center and highly specialized tests according to the price list of External Centers (information available at the Secretariat of the Department of Pathomorphology: 210-63-66). E: Providing an autopsy room for post-mortem examinations and examination of the body (to agree appointment - 210-63-61; 210-66-60). F. Providing the room for families to say goodbye to the deceased and for funeral homes to dress and prepare the deceased for funeral (to agree appointment: 210-63-61).


Rules for discharging a body: 

Corpses of the deceased at the Specialist Hospital in Piła are collected at the Prosectorium from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 14:00

collection of the body always takes place after prior appointment - in person or by telephone (67 210-63-61). Failure to do so may cause problems with the timing of funerals. The Specialist Hospital in Piła is not responsible for them.

We ask the Family or the Funeral Company authorized by them to contact the Prosectorium

The corpses of the deceased are collected by the Funeral Company authorized by the family of the deceased. The written authorization remains at the Prosectorium of the Specialist Hospital in Piła,

 in order to collect the body of the deceased, the following is required: withdrawal from the post-mortem examination signed by the Director of the Hospital; clothing or a sheet to cover the body; coffin, possibly a transport capsule (stretchers are not allowed); hearse; in the case of a body previously secured by the Prosecutor's Office, its written consent tobury the body is required;


Information for the family:

If you use the premises to dress the body or to hold a farewell ceremony, you should: 

 notify in advance the need and time of booking a dressing room (by phone 2106361 or in person);

 pay the fee due at the hospital cash desk (according to the price list available on the website of the Specialist Hospital in Piła) and provide proof of payment at the Prosectorium,

 after completing the activities of dressing up or saying goodbye, leave the room for dressing the corpse in the same condition as it was found - that is, clean the room (e.g. remove dirt, insects, etc.) and take any other waste with you,

 in the event of non-compliance with the sanitary and epidemiological rules, the Hospital reserves the right to refuse access to the room for dressing the corpse and to issue an invoice charging the costs of disposal of the generated waste and cleaning and disinfection of the room according to the applicable price list,

 a dressing room is available during the working hours of the Prosectorium.




The corpses are handed over to Funeral Companies covered and placed on a hospital trolley. The corpses of the deceased in the Specialist Hospital in Piła can be dressed, free of charge, by employees of the Prosectorium, at the request of the Family, in the clothes provided by them. This does not apply to the Funeral Company. The corpses of the deceased outside the Hospital are dressed or covered by the Funeral Company.

   Storage of the corpse in a hospital cold store: 

 72 hours free of charge - people who died in the Specialist Hospital in Piła - after 72 hours, the storage of the corpse is payable in accordance with the applicable price list,

 Corpses from outside the Specialist Hospital in Piła - stored against payment in accordance with the current price list from the moment the corpse is placed in the cold store,

 The body is handed over after paying the fee at the Hospital Cash Office and after delivering the payment confirmation to the Prosectorium of the Specialist Hospital in Piła.

 Providing medical documentation and tests for further diagnostics: 1) Preparations, paraffin blocks are made available at the request of the Patient / person authorized by them / competent institution. The application is submitted to the Department of Pathomorphology - Secretariat in writing or in electronic form -

The forms are attached on the website (to be completed). Website of the Specialist Hospital in Piła.  Service Centers - Medical. Department of Pathomorphology. Link: access to histopathological materials. 2) The materials are always delivered on a date previously agreed with the Secretariat of the Pathomorphology Department. Waiting time: up to three days. 3) The examination results may be collected personally by the Patient or by an authorized person. The authorization must contain the data of the recipient, the number of the ID card, the exact definition of what the borrowing  is for: the data of the Patient, the number of the examination. Can paraffin preparations / blocks be borrowed? The purpose and place of further tests should be stated and the return of the borrowed tests confirmed (up to 3 months).