Nutrition policy in the hospital

The hospital provides 24-hour, free meals to hospitalized patients. Nutrition of the patient begins on the day of admission with lunch and ends on the day of discharge. Medical nutrition is an integral part of the patient's treatment. Its aim is to improve and / or maintain the nutritional status of the patient, which is important in the healing process.

Proper nutrition is a very important element of the recovery process, therefore the doctor recommends an appropriate diet for each patient in the ward, appropriate to the age and health condition. It is possible to prepare a special diet, individual for the patient. It is also possible to consult a dietitian directly with the patient in the ward. 


Patients staying in hospital wards receive on average 3 - 5 meals a day from among several diets. In each of the hospital wards there are refrigerators for patients intended for storing food. Please follow the rules for using the refrigerator. This will ensure that all patients maintain the proper quality of the stored food (the rules of use are described in the instructions for patients next to the refrigerator). 


Meals for patients are prepared in the kitchen of our hospital in accordance with the developed and implemented documentation of the HACCP system. They are transported to the departments in thermo-insulating boxes on special trolleys, which allow to maintain the right temperature from the moment of preparation to serving to the patient. In order to be able to eat a hot meal, we ask patients to stay in the wards at the scheduled times of serving meals, i.e. at 8.00, 13.00, 17.00. 


Meals are consumed in patient rooms, and their comfortable consumption is facilitated by tables at bedside cabinets. Nurses or support staff accompany patients who, for various reasons, require assistance with their meals. With the consent of the medical staff, the patient's relatives may also participate in feeding. In the event that the patient cannot eat a meal within the prescribed hours due to diagnostic or therapeutic tests, the heated meal will be served later. 


Providing proper nutrition is facilitated by systematic control of meals by dietitians employed in the Nutrition Department.


Nutritional recommendations