Regulation No. 98/2022 on the rules for visiting patients hospitalized at the Stanisław Staszic Specialist Hospital in Piła.

Visiting hours every day from 12.00 - 18.00 

Excerpt from the accreditation procedure: IMPLEMENTATION OF PATIENT'S RIGHTS IN THE SPECIALIST HOSPITAL IN PIŁA - PP 14. Patients are provided with the possibility of visits.

Regulations for visits to the Specialist Hospital in Piła: Visits to the Hospital take place with the implied consent of the patient. The patient has the right to refuse a visit. Information about this should be reported to the Duty Nurse. The most appropriate hours are from 9.00 to 18.00. However, due to the specific nature of the wards, other hours have been specified in the Regulations of the Wards (Intensive Care and Anaesthesiology, Cardiology, section "R" and Palliative Medicine).

Outside the designated hours, visits are possible after obtaining the consent of the Head of the Department or the doctor on duty. In exceptional circumstances, the Head of the Department / Supervisor of the Department or the doctor on duty may consent to a 24-hour stay of visitors, if:

the patient is in a terminal state,

the patient is a child who is immobilized or shows difficulties in adapting to hospital conditions.


Patients may be visited by adults and children under the care of an adult who is responsible for their behavior and safety. Parents / legal guardians have the right to visit and stay with the child 24 hours a day. Other people may visit the child if they have been authorized by the parents / legal guardians. Due to the conditions of other patients staying in the hospital and their right to intimacy, the patient may be visited by no more than 2 people at the same time. The place for visiting in the hospital ward is the sick room, common room or a separate part of the corridor with seats.

Visitors are required to:

maintain peace and quiet during the stay in the hospital,

observe the rules of hand hygiene, i.e. use of hand disinfectants available in the wards and ward corridors,

maintain cleanliness and order, especially in sick rooms and sanitary rooms,

comply with the rules of waste segregation and the prohibition of throwing municipal waste into red bags (medical waste),

follow the instructions and orders of hospital staff, especially with regard to rooms with sanitary regime.

Visitors suspected of having an infectious disease or under the influence of alcohol and / or psychoactive substances are not allowed to visit patients in the hospital under any circumstances.


Visitors are prohibited from:

staying in patient rooms during medical rounds and during the provision of health services with an increased epidemiological risk and during cleaning activities,

bringing and providing the patient with food products and drugs without the consent of the attending physician and providing the patient with alcohol, tobacco and / or intoxicants,

bringing flowers and items that threaten the safety or making it difficult for other patients to stay in the hospital,

sitting on patients' beds and hanging anything on beds and stands,

eating meals and drinking hot drinks in patients' rooms and consuming alcohol, smoking tobacco, using intoxicants,

starting-up of medical equipment, devices and installations,

bringing animals,

staying in other rooms, outside the place where the patient is staying,

caring for and taking care of other patients apart from the person visited,

filming and photographing people staying in the Hospital.

taking patients outside the hospital ward without the consent of the medical staff.

Visitors who do not comply with the regulations or the instructions of the hospital staff will not be allowed to enter the hospital premises and may be expelled. The Director of the Hospital or a doctor authorized by him/her may limit the visits of patients due to organizational possibilities, epidemiological threat or health safety of patients.


Due to the safety of patients, visitors are additionally required to:

disinfect hands before entering the room in a place indicated by the staff,

not serve food and drinks to patients without the consent of the medical staff,

leave the sick only with the necessary items (e.g. toiletries).

After the visit, the hands should be disinfected in the place indicated by the staff. Visitors are also required to follow other recommendations of medical personnel regarding epidemiological safety, e.g. wearing a protective apron.


Issue 2 from 01/02/2022