The Ophthalmology ward is located on the 6th floor of the main building and has 12 beds. The department mainly conducts surgical activities, and additionally, in necessary cases, also diagnostics and conservative treatment of eye diseases.

The services provided by the department include in particular diagnostics and treatment of: 

 cataract surgery - phacoemulsification method with the use of roll-up lenses and the traditional method in selected cases,

 treatment of macular diseases (intravitreal injections of anti-VEGF preparations),

 anti-glaucoma surgeries: trabeculectomy and glaucoma laser therapy (iridotomy and selective trabeculoplasty (SLT),

 minor ophthalmic procedures: changes in the eyelid, conjunctiva,

 eyelid surgery using plastic surgery techniques,

 repair operations after injuries of the protective apparatus and the eyeball,

 removal of the eyeball,

 strabismus surgery

  The department also conducts diagnostics and treatment of patients with eye diseases: the protective apparatus of the eye, cornea, uveal membrane, optic nerve, and retina.

  Patients should be directed to:

 1) the hospital for treatment of: 

 surgical cataracts,

 age-related macular degeneration

 procedures within the protective apparatus of the eye


 2) the Hospital Ophthalmology Clinic to perform laser therapy treatments of: 

 posterior capsulotomy

 iridotomy and selective trabeculoplasty

 photocoagulation in diseases of the retina


Information for Patients before the surgery (patients with an appointed and confirmed date of admission): 

 before admission to the hospital in the morning, you should take chronic medications (unless information was provided at the qualifying visit that a drug should not be used),

 on the day of admission, you should report to the Scheduled Admission Point at the appointed time - lower ground floor (level -1),

 the following must be taken to the hospital: ID card, medical documentation, drugs used on a permanent basis (in original packaging), pajamas, bathrobe, slippers, necessary toiletries,

 in the case of cataract surgery, after proper preparation of the patient, the surgery will be performed on the day of admission. After the operation, if the local and general condition of the patient allows it, they will be discharged home. The compulsory post-operative check-up takes place on the next day and about 2 weeks after the surgery. In the case of other treatments, the control dates are assigned to patients individually,

 in case of resignation from the procedure, please inform us immediately by calling: +48 67 2106 482 or 67 2106 481.