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At the Hospital Anesthesiology Clinic, an anaesthesiologist qualifies patients for anesthesia for scheduled surgeries. The aim of an anesthesiological consultation is the best possible preparation for anesthesia and surgical intervention. During the visit, the doctor assesses the patient's health in terms of the efficiency of the respiratory system and the circulatory system, collects a history of past and current diseases, medications taken, checks the current results of laboratory tests, chest X-ray. The anaesthesiologist, after assessing the patient's health, selects the most appropriate type of anesthesia for the planned surgery and provides comprehensive information on the type and manner of anesthesia. After obtaining the necessary information, the patient gives his or her informed consent to the agreed type of anesthesia.


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Dr. of Medical Sciences Anna Michałowska, specialization in anaesthesiology and intensive care, nurse Anna Pawłowska