The Neurology Department with the Stroke Treatment Subdivision provides treatment for patients with central and peripheral nervous system disorders, diagnoses nervous system tumors and other nervous system diseases. The department has a Doppler apparatus for examining blood flow in intracranial arteries, an EEG apparatus and an EMG apparatus for the diagnosis of neuromuscular diseases.

We are very happy to welcome a neurologist / specialist neurologist or a person who wants to specialize in the field of neurology.


The services provided by the department include in particular diagnostics and treatment of: 


 multiple sclerosis


 inflammations of the central nervous system and nerve roots

 back pain syndromes

 myasthenia gravis

 peripheral nerve diseases

 tumors of the brain and spinal cord


 other diseases of the nervous system


Patients in the acute period of cerebral stroke are admitted to the Subdivision of Stroke Treatment - preferably up to 4 hours after the onset of the first symptoms of a stroke.

 Patients are initially diagnosed in the Hospital Emergency Department. As part of the therapeutic program, the department provides treatment for multiple sclerosis with first and second-line drugs. The department carries out injections with botulinum toxin and directs patients to neurosurgery. The department provides the patient with comprehensive treatment and care.