In the Department of Thoracic Surgery, each bed is equipped with standard equipment necessary for the observation, treatment and management of a patient after an injury, as well as surgery in the area of ​​the chest.

 The department has 24/7 access to the Endoscopy Laboratory, which is equipped with modern equipment for diagnostic and therapeutic tests of the respiratory system.


The services provided by the department include in particular diagnostics and treatment of: 

 lung diseases (mainly treatment of lung cancer),

 mediastinal diseases,

 pleural diseases,

 chest wall diseases,

 diaphragm diseases,

 chest injuries,

 resection of the lungs, lobes and segments with the possibility of performing histopathological examinations during surgery,

 mediastinal tumors,

 repair procedures for congenital defects of the chest wall, e.g. funnel chest,



 video thoracic sympathectomy,

 drainage of pleural cavities,

 pleural cavities punctures,

 removal of foreign bodies from the respiratory tract,

 BAC - in Computed Tomography,

 BAG - in Computed Tomography,

 BAL - Bronchofiberoscopy.