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A patient attending the Hospital Ophthalmology Clinic is covered by comprehensive, holistic care by medical and nursing staff. The ophthalmic clinic in its scope covers the prevention and treatment of eye diseases, as well as the qualification for ophthalmic procedures, i.e .: 

 cataract surgery,

 glaucoma removal surgery.


As part of the clinic's operation, the following medical services are provided: 

 specialist ophthalmology clinic,

 rinsing the tear ducts,

 removal of a foreign body from the visual organ,

 fundus examination,


 OCT - optical coherence tomography of the eye,


 slit lamp test,

 eyeball ultrasound.


Attending the Hospital Ophthalmology Clinic requires the submission of a referral by the Patient. The exception is a visit to the so-called emergency in the event of removal of a foreign body.


Thursday 07:30 - 15:30

Dr. of Medical Sciences, Kamil Świergosz specialization in the field of ophthalmology, nurse Bernadeta Madej